Mamba is the perfect advertising platform for any brand. Our daily traffic is over 1.5 million unique users. Among this huge number of people, we are able to select the target audience that you need. Targeting is customizable by 50 parameters: geography, age, gender, languages ​​and much more.

We offer you not only the chance to view our users, but also have direct access to them. Banners on Mamba can not only address the user by name, but also “bring up” the field from the user profile. It's easy for us to create a banner reading “ Barry, do you live in Soho and love fitness? Come to our fitness club,” or “Jessy, do you have a Nissan Micra? Get maintenance for FREE!” And of course, we use interactive banners with Eye Wonder technology and video banners with Smartclip.

We can realize any big and efficient special projects and our customers among which are MTS, Megafon, Nokia, Procter & Gamble and many others appreciate it.

If you are interested in our offer, please send us a request for publishing an advert