Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can become a partner?
    Any domain name owner or website administrator who is interested in directing a steady stream of web traffic to our portal can become a Mamba partner. You will receive a commission every time one of “your” users makes a payment or registers as a user via the link from your website.
  2. How does the registration process work?
    To get things started you must first fill in an application form here.

    You must provide an email address which has not yet been used on our system. Importantly, there is no need to give a domain name or formalise any settings when you make your initial application. Applications to be added to our list of partners do not require any form of payment and are not binding in any way.

    All applications are reviewed within twenty four hours. After your application has been considered, you will receive an email containing further instructions. You will be given access to a new partner’s account. In the “Partner Programmes” section of your account you will be able to select the programme of your choice and request that your domain be added.
  3. How can I set up my own dating website?
    Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to set up your own dating website as we have now restricted access to our White Label programme. This programme is available only to those websites receiving over 20 000 visitors per day.
  4. How is my income formed?
    Your earnings will be calculated differently depending on which partner program you choose. You can receive 45% from all payments made by users who will be registered on the dating site or via your partner hyperlink.
    We can also pay you for each user who registers with us via your site. Participation in this program is not automatic and will be discussed on an individual basis.
  5. What can users spend their money on?
    We are continually adding to the range of payment services we offer. To see what billable services are currently available, simply register on our website. This will in any case be useful in order to understand how the system works.
  6. Why do I need a manager?
    The manager is a third-party webmaster to whom you can give access for the monitoring of specific advertising hyperlinks. The manager can enter the site with the username and password which you generate for them in the relevant section of the partner area. They will have access to statistics relating to the hyperlinks that you specifically allow them to view.
  7. I can’t see any registrations for today. Why is that?
    The statistics only include profiles whose registration has been confirmed.
    You will only be able to see accurate statistics next day.
  8. I have forgotten the password to my partner account. How can I retrieve it?
    You can retrieve your password here.
  9. How can I earn money?
    If you attract users by creating a link for you, it will receive a 45% commission users spending.

    We can also offer a fixed payment per registration. In this case the commission rate will be agreed on an individual basis.
  10. How much can I earn?
    Your earnings will depend on your promotional capabilities and level of activity, as well as on the quality of the traffic you attract. There is no limit to how much you can earn.
  11. What is the commission for payments made by VIP users?
    The partner receives 45% from ANY payments made by his users, including for payment payments made by VIP users.

    45% are credited after deducting the commission in favor of the aggregator and/or mobile operator, through which which payment was made.

    In order to see our prices and calculate a specific commission sum, simply register on our website and try out our paid services.
  12. I want to withdraw my earnings. How can I do this?
    All payments are made into the PayPal. The minimum you can withdraw is $50. When this total has been reached, you can ask for the money to be paid into your partner account by going to “Settings” and “Finances”. A request is automatically sent and the money will be transferred within the next 15 days.
  13. Can I transfer the money I earn to my bank account?
    Yes, but the minimum you can transfer to a bank account is $500. Keep in mind that funds from the previous month can only be transferred to your current account in the following month. As a rule, bank accounts will only handle large transfers, so we do not advise you to go through the trouble of withdrawing funds unless your account stands at more than $500.
  14. Can I withdraw sums less than $50?
    We regret that partners are unable to withdraw sums less than $50 roubles, except in situations arising when a partner wishes to leave the partner program.
  15. I wish to leave the partner programme temporarily and retrieve my remaining earnings (less than $50).
    We regret that you may not leave the partner programme temporarily.
  16. Can I transfer money from one of my accounts to the other?
    We regret that we are not able to transfer money from one account to another.
  17. A user has registered via my link and spent money on the site, but I have not received a commission. What should I do?
    Please inform us of the problem via the “Message” option in the partner account, providing us with the username of the individual who paid for the service, and the date of payment.
  18. A user has paid for services, but I have not received a commission. What should I do?
    It is possible that the user has only put money into their account, and not paid for any services. A commission of 45% of the amount spent is only received when a user spends money from their account and not when a user puts money into their account. The user may also be registered with a different partner. In this case the commission will go to the site from which the user was first registered.
  19. My account is empty! Where has my money gone?
    Sometimes partner accounts are emptied during maintenance work on the site. Don’t worry, all data will be restored and the account will be restored to its previous state. Maintenance work doesn’t usually last for longer than a few hours.
  20. Why is my account balance in the negative?
    Your balance may become negative when we retrieve funds that were paid to you from funds not actually received by us, i.e. from payments made by users but not backed up with real money – in other words in cases of fraud.
  21. More users have registered but my account has not increased. Why?
    Don’t forget that users do not start paying straight away. Statistics show that the average user makes their first payment three weeks after first setting up their account. It is roughly around this time that an individual starts to lose popularity and begins to take steps to improve counter this. We suggest that you wait a little longer before looking at the difference between number of users and total earnings. users and their income level.
  22. What does it mean when payment is being verified?
    Before transferring your funds, the specified sum is checked by our financial control specialists. The sum is removed directly from the account and is listed as being verified.
  23. What promotional materials do you have available to attract users?
    We have text links and banners available for partners who have joined the Interest Program. and banners.
  24. Could you create a banner for us?
    We don’t create personalised promotional materials.
  25. What is the link setting and why would I need it?
    A link is a type of hyperlink which you can create via your partner account in “Partner Programmes – Manage – Link Setting” page. You can place this hyperlink on any site and use it to attract users.

    You can monitor your link easily via the statistics, which allow you to obtain detailed information regarding traffic achieved (registrations, transfers, commissions) and ultimately assess the success of your advertising campaign.
  26. Can I use different partner programs with one domain name?
    No. You need to choose only one program
  27. How can I contact the Partner Department?
    The simplest and most convenient way to do this is via the “Message” option in your partner account. These messages are addressed as a matter of priority. You can also send an email to
  28. I am a user on the site. Why has my photograph been blocked by the moderator when I am a partner?
    We do not operate user support and are not involved in the business of other departments. In this case, we suggest that you send a message to the user support team via the dating website.
  29. What are the different partner programs available?
    There are currently eight types of partner programme available:
    1. Mamba Interest Program
    2. Mamba Mobile Interest Program
      These programmes do not require you to have a domain or create your own site. All you have to do is post a Mamba hyperlink or advertising banner via which users can reach our main dating website. After your users have registered, you will receive 45% of the money they spent on Mamba.
    3. Wamba Interest Program
    4. Wamba Mobile Interest Program
      These programmes do not require you to have a domain or create your own site. All you have to do is post a Mamba hyperlink or advertising banner via which users can reach our main dating website. After your users have registered, you will get 45% of the money they spent on Mamba.
    5. CPA Mamba Web
    6. CPA Mamba Mobile
    7. CPA Wamba Web
    8. CPA Wamba Mobile
      These programmes also do not require you to create your own site for redirecting traffic or have a domain. for forwarding traffic. Payment is made for actions (confirmation of registration, uploading photos, payment) carried out by a user via your link. Participation in these programmes is discussed on an individual basis.