The Mamba Dating Site Connects Russian Singles with a World of Romantic Opportunities

Chief Operations Officer Yaroslav Sergeev told us many of Mamba’s success stories start by saying “I didn’t think online dating would work,” or “I didn’t believe I could find someone who’d make me so happy,” and he said it’s gratifying work to lead a person to their happily-ever-after ending.

DatingNews, June 16, 2020

Why do Russians put up with harassment?

Only 0.6 percent of them contained porno-photos. "It seems the problem of harassment has been greatly exaggerated at an emotional level. Out of a hundred routine messages such as "hi, how are you?", a woman will only remember a photo showing a male reproductive organ", according to Krasilnikova.

Russia Beyond, April 19, 2019

Dating app aims to boost Russian voter turnout

A Russian dating app is attempting to boost voter turnout in the upcoming elections by finding users an election "date", it's reported.

Popular dating service Mamba has introduced a feature called "Voting Together" which offers to help users find a companion to go to the polling station with during the 10 September local elections, independent broadcaster Dozhd says.

BBC, August 21, 2017

Russia’s online dating market consolidates: Mamba acquires Teamo

Mamba, the leading online dating company in Russia, has acquired, an online service launched in 2010 by Moscow-based Internet startup investor and incubator Fastlane Ventures. Russian business daily Kommersant heard from a source “with knowledge of the project” that Teamo has been valued at “several million US dollars.”

East-West Digital News, November 3, 2015

Wamba: The Go-To Freemium Social Dating Site

Created by an ambitious team of Internet and social media experts, Wamba marches to the beat of a different dating site drum.

In a society where people work 40+ hours a week and spend most of their time online, Wamba understands how hard it can be to meet someone special, which is why the company offers free, easy-to-use services, including virtual gifts and Icebreakers., August 26, 2015