We are attentive to the physical and financial security of our users. In this section, we would like to give you some simple tips that will help you not to fall for the scam on the Internet.

Security tips

  • Never transfer money to phone and bank accounts of interlocutors with whom you are not personally acquainted. No matter how convincing the excuse seemed. When you receive a similar request from a friend, ask him to call and duplicate it with voice.
  • Avoid communication with interlocutors, who starts chatting from suggestions to change the communication platform, asking for a phone number, email, addresses of pages in social networks. Thus, the fraudster is trying to avoid the attention of security systems and acquire data from the social graph for subsequent blackmail.
  • Take the initiative in choosing a place to date. Never make a prepayment for the meeting place offered by the interlocutor. For a first date, a public place is best - a busy street, a cafe, a restaurant.
  • Do not engage in sexting with unfamiliar interlocutors, do not send pornographic photos or videos to anyone, identifying you by face or interior details.
  • If you are interested in porno content - ask for it on specialized resources. Almost all pornography in dating services and social networks is the bait of scammers.
  • Do not transfer to anyone the content of SMS messages coming to your phone number. After receiving such information, the fraudster will be able to manage the account of your phone or bank card.
  • Don't go to sites that offer you unfamiliar interlocutors, under any circumstance. Never indicate on these sites data from dating services and social networks - email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, bank card details.

In the event that you become a victim of any kind of intruders, scammers or blackmailers, promptly notify our support team and law enforcement. Bringing criminals to justice is in your hands!